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Jun 25

Of course, everybody wants to know that the dental instrument that is used during their exam has been thoroughly sanitized. It would certainly be disturbing to learn otherwise. While your safety and peace of mind are certainly a priority, there are also certain dental sanitization guidelines that must be met. It is our duty to […]

Jun 18

If you are seeking an improvement to your smile, look no further than bonding and veneers. The two popular cosmetic options are similar in some regards, but have their definite differences. Here, we will go through the basics of both, why a patient may choose one option over the other, and other related relevant information to […]

May 29

Tools and technology make up the must-haves in any modern dental office. Here at Goochland Dentistry, we are well-equipped with the essentials…and then some. Using these tools and technology requires extensive training and plenty of practice on our part. Our team is top-notch at using this gear, and when new tech emerges, we are always excited to learn […]

Mar 27

We all want a whiter and brighter smile, and here at Goochland Dentistry, those “pearly whites” can be yours. With in-office teeth whitening combined with a take-home enhancer, your teeth can be noticeably whiter in no time. This easy and nearly effortless cosmetic option is quite popular among our patients. A dark and dingy stained […]

Mar 15

Doing something – anything – just twice per year is really no big deal. Then why do so many people put off seeing the dentist every six months? It seems so simple, yet ask around and you will be sure to find that some of your friends and family members have not seen their dentist […]

Mar 13

Finding the right dentist is so important. Your oral health means everything, so choosing the best dental professionals to care for you is nothing to take lightly. Before flipping through the Yellow Pages, or in this day and age, browsing the internet, and selecting whatever name pops up first, being selective is so much smarter. […]

Feb 28

For those who seek some noticeable improvements to their smile, having that “movie star” look is achievable…even if you are not an “A-lister.” With precision and perfection, porcelain veneers are the cosmetic “cure” for less-than-stellar smiles. Here at Goochland Dentistry, our devoted dental team is skilled in this cosmetic procedure, turning our patients’ smiles from “average” to […]

Feb 14

Have you ever wondered what your smile might look like with a few “more-fabulous-you” fixes? When you are not entirely pleased with what you see in the mirror or in photos, it can make you feel insecure or less confident than you ought to be. Something as simple as a smile holds a lot of […]