It can be tough when you visit a new place for the first time, especially when your health is the reason for the appointment. Sometimes, it just takes the feedback from another patient, just like you, to confirm that you’ve made a good selection. We’re excited to have the opportunity to turn any apprehension you may have, into full confidence and pleasure with a visit to Goochland Dentistry.

Our patients are the heart and soul of our practice, so thanks to customer service and continued communication, you can rest assured that your entire family will receive the best care for your oral health.

Read, first hand, what our patients have to say after seeing us at Goochland Dentistry:

Our Hygienist's Invisalign Journey

Our Hygienist's Invisalign Journey

Hey, this is Dr. Mechi. We’ve got one of our fantastic hygienist, Christine, with us. And when did you start today?
I started in misalign today.

So how was the process? How did it go?
It was very easy process. I tape put my trays on and it was very easy.

What are you expecting in the next week?
I’m expecting to be able to talk very, very well, and I don’t expecting any pain or discomfort. Everything feels great right now.

That’s cool. Well, thank you very much.
Thank you.

Patient Review

Dr. Murchie: Go

Patient: ‘m Josh. I just had major dental work done at Gland Dentistry and they were awesome and I love my new smile.

Dr. Murchie: Okay

Patient Testimonial - Goochland Dentistry, VA

Patient: Oh my gosh, that looks so good. Aw, I love it guys.

Dr. Murchie: Gimme a smile. That’s awesome.

Patient Testimonial - Goochland Dentistry, VA

Hello, I’m John Rowley, a patient of Dr. Murchie’s for many years, and I just wanna say how pleased I was with his work. He was meticulous, methodical, and just very easy to deal with. And I’m gonna miss him. I’m moving a little farther away and it’s a little harder to get here, but he’s been great. Thank you.

Patient Testimonial - Goochland Dentistry, VA

Dr. Murchie: Hey, this is Dr. Murchie. I want to introduce you to one of my favorite patients. I just wanted to show you her beautiful smile. She’s been a patient of ours for many years and we’re just so thankful to have her.

Patient: I’m thankful to have you and your staff. They go over and aboard to help you.

Dr. Murchie: Well, thank you very much. Have a good day.

Patient: Thank you. Bye-bye.

Patient Testimonial - Goochland Dentistry, VA

Dr. Murchie: Hey, this is Dr. Murchie at Goochland Dentistry. We’re a family and cosmetic practice. We’ve got a couple here. They’ve been married for 45 years and they wanted to tell you a secret of that 45 years of marriage bliss, what is it?

Patient: The couple that numbs together stays together.

Dr. Murchie: Thank you.

Patient Testimonial - Goochland Dentistry, VA

Patient 1: What is she doing?

Dr. Murchie: Hey, this is Dr. Murchie. I just want to thank, these are two of my, two of my favorite patients and they’ve been patients of mine for about 20 years and they were some of the first two people I ever met at my practice and I’m just so thankful for them.

Patient 2: We’re thankful for you too.

Dr. Murchie: We appreciate them a lot, so thank you all very much.

Patient 1: You’re welcome.

Dr. Murchie: Thanks.

Invisalign Testimonial - Goochland Dentistry, VA

Jessica: Hey, this is Jessica here with Goochland Dentistry. We have one of our patients here at Goochland Dentistry that would like to share her experience with you about how she did with Invisalign and how it helped her.

Leah: Hi, I’m Leah. So, when I first started Invisalign, I really just wanted to get my bottom teeth straightened out. My top teeth were fairly straight, but had some gaps there that I had to floss a lot ‘cause I would get food stuck in between my teeth. And then I had a lot of issues with my gums bleeding. So, tried Invisalign, and not only did it straighten out my bottom teeth, it really exceeded my expectations as far as my actual health of my mouth. So my gums have never been healthier in my life. All the bleeding has stopped and I no longer have to get the periodontal treatment with the deep cleaning that I was having to get every few months. So I’ve also not had to floss my top teeth very much either. I no longer get huge chunks of food stuck in between my teeth and whenever I floss, it’s just a normal flossing once a day, not all day, every day. So it’s been a great experience and thank you to Goochland Dentistry for suggesting Invisalign, getting me into Invisalign and helping me through the process.

Jessica: Awesome.

Teeth Cleaning Testimonial - Goochland Dentistry, VA

Okay. Okay. Hi, my name is Laura and I’m here to tell you about an experience I had with my gums. My gums were bleeding and giving me a lot of trouble, and I was only coming twice a year to get my teeth cleaned. Once Dr. Murchie recommended that I start coming three times or even four, instead of the two times that I was coming to get my teeth cleaned, I saw a huge difference in the health of my gums. It’s made a tremendous difference in my life. I have, I had to go to the periodontist before. I don’t have to do that anymore, so I just wanted to encourage everyone to listen to the recommendations of Dr. Murchie and try to get your teeth cleaned more often.

Invisalign Testimonial

Athletic Mouthguard Testimonial

Dr. Murchie: Hey, this is Dr. Murchie, I’m here with Colin, we’ve got a really cool new athletic mouthguard that we’ve been using, it’s called a comfort mouth guard and I just wanted to have Colin show you how it works and kind of give you an idea of what he thinks about it.

Colin: Yeah like this is just so much more fit for my mouth it’s like it cuts off at like a certain point where it doesn’t annoy you anymore, and like, I’m just putting them in, it just feels so good like it’s actually comfortable in your mouth, not like the other ones your school gives you and stuff it’s just so much more better.

Dr. Murchie: And you’ve had one of those like kinda you boil it and then put it in?

Colin: Yeah, exactly, yeah, so much more comfortable, it’s just like, yeah this is just nice.

Dr. Murchie: What sport do you play?

Colin: Football.

Dr. Murchie: You play any other contact sports?

Colin: No, just football.

Dr. Murchie: Okay well he’s gonna go catch a lot of passes, score some touchdowns, and he’s gonna tackle some people, I think you’re an outside linebacker?

Colin: Yeah.

Dr. Murchie: Okay, all right, well good to see you, thank you so much.

Colin: Thank you.

Athletic Mouth Guard Testimonial

Our patient speaks about her Invisalign journey.

Our patient speaks about her Invisalign journey.

Dr. Murchie: Hi Sasha, how are you today?

Sasha: Hello, Dr. Murchie.

Dr. Murchie: We just wanted to, we know today you’re finishing up your Invisalign, you were just really thrilled about it. Tell us about what your experience was like.

Sasha: Well, I had a couple of teeth that were going down in the very bottom that were really bothering me so I just wanted to make sure that the teeth down here would come up, and then during the process of the last ten months totally changed my face and my teeth look like they did when I was 20.

Dr. Murchie: Well that is, that’s exciting.

Sasha: Very exciting!

Dr. Murchie: Would you do it again?

Sasha: Absolutely very easy.

Dr. Murchie: Good for you.

Sasha: I love the staff, everyone here is very friendly and helpful.

Dr. Murchie: Oh well, thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure working with you.

Sasha: Thank you.

Invisalign Testimonial

Dr. Murchie with one of his longtime patients

Videographer: Yep, okay.

Dr. Murchie: Hey, this is one of my patients, I’ve been seeing him since about 2005 and he’s been just a good friend. The only thing I have about him is he’s a Patriot’s fan, but anyways we appreciate him a lot.

Patient: Yes, and ever since I’ve been coming here, I’ve sure been keeping a nice smile, and this has been the best dentist I’ve ever been to and I sure enjoy him and everyone here.

Dr. Murchie: Thank you very much, and we just appreciate you.

Patient: All right.

Dr. Murchie: All right.

Longtime Patient Testimonial

Goochland Dentistry Patient See New Smile

Dr. Murchie: All right, [name], are you ready to see your brand new smile?

Patient: Yes, sir.

Dr. Murchie: All right, Tammy, go ahead.


Dr. Murchie: That’s awesome, we’re so happy for you. That’s awesome.

Patient: Thank you so much.

Dr. Murchie: You’re welcome.

Lady: They look beautiful.

Dr. Murchie: They look beautiful. Give me a big smile. And this is all the ladies that helped get this happening.

Lady: (applause) Yay!

Dr. Murchie: Thank you all.

Goochland Dentistry Patient See New Smile

Goochland Dentistry Patient Testimonial

Lady: Hi, we have a patient here that would like to share some information with us here at Goochland Dentistry.

Patient: I’ve been to a lot of dentists in my life and I really didn’t like very many of them, but I can assure you if you come to Goochland, and come to this place, you will enjoy what’s going to be done believe it or not. I have never had anything that felt bad, I was taken well care of and when I leave here I feel like I know everything is going to be great and it is. And I know that if I did have a problem, I know I could come back and they would make everything work well for me. You have to come give it a try. I think you’ll enjoy it just as I do.

Lady: Thank you!

Patient Testimonial 1

Hi, I’m Susan [name] and I have been seeing Dr. Murchie and his staff for about 12 years now and have had several broken teeth, cracked teeth, and am a true believer in night guards. You need to get a night guard, it will protect your teeth. I wish I had started using my night guard earlier when he had suggested it. Anyway, that’s what I suggest from Dr. Murchie’s office.

Patient Testimonial 2

Patient Testimonial 3

Lady: Okay, we have Frances Nockles here at Goochland Dentistry and she is going to give us a little review of how her experience has been here at Goochland Dentistry.

Frances: Well, to me he’s the best person that I’ve ever, the best dentist person that I’ve ever been to have work on me. Because usually while I’m, they’re working on me, I’m holding my breath halfway, and now this I can relax, and he’s a wonderful person and very, very good.

Lady: Thank you Frances.

Patient Testimonial 3

Patient Testimonial 4

Lady: Okay, so I have a patient here with us today at Goochland Dentistry, and he wants to share his experience here.

Patient: Well, when I, I came in because I had broken off my tooth in the front here, and I also had a lot of issues going on, and they were able to hook me up with three new teeth basically here and it was a really great experience. I’m always kind of nervous when I do things like this, but the whole process was pretty much painless completely. It was, they were very well done, very professional, and now I can smile again and I like looking at myself in the mirror, so everything was A plus and I definitely recommend it. If you got anything going on, come in and get it fixed.

Lady: And where are we at?

Patient: Goochland Dentistry.

Lady: Thank you for sharing.

Patient: Of course, thank you.

Patient Testimonial 4


Dr. Murchie: All right, so we’ve got Batman, Wonderwoman, and we’ve got a young superhero, how are you going to take care of your teeth?

Kid: Um, brush my teeth.

Dr. Murchie: Yeah, ‘cause you’ve got to fight off the cavity bugs, right? Keep Metropolis cavity free.

Patient Testimonial (Pediatric)

Patient Appreciation - Debbie

Hey, this is Dr.Murchie of Goochland Dentistry .We were just so thankful for our patients. We really appreciate it, Debbie. Appreciate you guys. Thank you. Thank you very much. Good Thanksgiving.

Patient Appreciation – Debbie