Digital X-Rays - Goochland Dentistry

Many people tend to think of X-rays as a procedure that’s needed when something is wrong. That’s not necessarily true, however.

More formally known as radiographs, X-rays are a fantastic preventive tool, showing signs of trouble below the surface that are invisible to the naked eye. It is just another part of the non-invasive technology that we provide to our patients to ensure we make a precise diagnosis.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

  • Digital X-Rays are immediately processed and available to view, whereas film takes time to be developed.
  • Less radiation needed to produce the same quality image as a film (digital X-rays gives 70% less exposure to radiation than conventional X-rays).
  • We are able to enhance the digital image (such as alter brightness and contrast) with a series of processing techniques.

We offer several different forms of X-ray technology, depending on your particular case and condition.

Bitewing X-rays

These enable Dr. Murchie to identify any dental caries or tooth decay, that may be festering in the gaps between your teeth. Bitewing X-rays will be taken on an annual basis unless otherwise recommended by Dr. Murchie.

Periapical X-rays (PAs)

Periapical X-rays are invaluable to dental professionals because they allow us to see a single tooth in its entirety from root to crown. It’s appropriate to use when pain, damage, or trauma is confined to a single tooth and a closer look is needed from top to bottom.

Occlusal X-rays

Occlusal X-rays are focused on the growth and health of your bones. These photos are able to detect issues like extra or uneven teeth, abscesses, and even cleft palates. For our more specialized cases, occlusal X-rays are an invaluable resource.

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic X-rays are only taken every 3-5 years unless otherwise recommended by your dentist. These are especially vital before surgery because they allow us to get a full picture of your mouth before we design your custom treatment plan.

Our patients benefit from modern-day technology that reduces error while allowing for a more comfortable and safe experience. We are happy to offer special arrangements if you have an especially sensitive gag reflex. Just tell our patient care team about your specific case when scheduling your appointment, and we will ensure you enjoy the most comfortable conditions possible within our warm and friendly office!

Video describing dental digital X-ray