A girl having Dental cleaning at Goochland Dentistry

When it comes to your dental hygiene, this is where our hygienists truly shine.

Before you meet with Dr. Murchie for an in-depth examination, you’ll enjoy the cleaning work of our incredible hygienists.

Cleanings, also called prophylaxis, are a regular part of your preventive care. Our hygienists will remove the plaque and tartar that collects between your teeth and below the gum line, too. Your teeth will be gently polished and brightened to remove stains. Additionally, we can offer fluoride treatment to strengthen and protect your teeth.

After your teeth are cleaned by your dental hygienist, you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Murchie for a thorough exam.

Our preventive exams include the following:

Digital X-rays
We utilize the advanced technology to provide non-invasive X-rays suitable for your entire family. These digital images provide perfect clarity and detail, so Dr. Murchie and his team know how best to proceed.

Intra-oral Photos
Photos will be taken of the interior of your mouth, which is especially important when there are fillings present and we need to see below the surface. They can be taken a few different ways to include the upper and lower teeth of a specific area (bite-wing X-ray), the entirety of a tooth from root to crown (periapical X-rays), and the natural arch of your teeth (occlusal X-rays).

how to care for yourself and what to expect after a filling.

how to care for yourself and what to expect after a filling.

This is Dr. Peter Murchie at Goochland Dentistry. We want to talk to you about how to take care of yourself and what to expect after having a filling.

After filling, it is common to experience mild sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweets. This sensitivity usually goes away within a few days, but in some cases, it can last up to six months.

If the sensitivity becomes more severe and throbbing, please call our office, and we will evaluate and see how we can help you.

You also may find some soreness where the injection was given for the numbing. This can be resolved by taking ibuprofen, Tylenol, or over-the-counter pain medications.

Enjoy your fillings, brush your teeth, and we will see you soon. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please call us at (804) 784 4624

Periodontal Exam
To determine the health of your gums, Dr. Murchie will measure the pocket of each tooth through a periodontal exam, or gingivitis pocket exam. Pocket depth separating the tooth from your gum line, at a certain level, indicates gum disease and can result in tooth loss if left untreated.

Chart Existing Restorations
Based on your exam, Dr. Murchie will make notes on your specific case and share a conversation with you about your treatment plan. It allows for quicker service in the future and also ensures that no detail goes overlooked or missed.

Oral Cancer Screening
Your appointment is the perfect opportunity for Dr. Murchie to search for signs of precancerous or cancerous cells in your mouth. Requiring only a simple exam, this procedure is especially important for those with a history of cancer or those who regularly use tobacco or alcohol.

Head and Neck Exam
A head and neck exam involve the examination of a few different areas, such as your bones, skin, tissues, eyes, lymph nodes, and organs. Typically performed twice a year, it’s a fairly quick observation that is done during your regular check-up.

My gums got healthy when I had my teeth cleaned 4 times a year

My gums got healthy when I had my teeth cleaned 4 times a year

Okay. Okay. Hi, my name is Laura and I’m here to tell you about an experience I had with my gums. My gums were bleeding and giving me a lot of trouble, and I was only coming twice a year to get my teeth cleaned. Once Dr. Mechi recommended that I start coming three times or even four, instead of the two times that I was coming to get my teeth cleaned. I saw a huge difference in  the health of my gums. It’s made a tremendous difference in my life. I had to go to the periodontist before, I don’t have to do that anymore, so I just wanted to encourage everyone to listen to the recommendations of Dr. Mechi and try to get your teeth clean more often.

Are you suffering with bleeding gums?

suffering with bleeding gums

Hey, this is Dr. Murchie from Goochland Dentistry.. I hope you’re doing really well. I want to talk to you about something that’s a very common thing. It’s bleeding gums. The causes of bleeding gums are the bacteria in your mouth that irritate your body, and then your body fights that bacteria off. And the result of this is your gums bleed. It can be caused by not brushing and flossing.  It can be caused by certain medications, and it can also be caused by different medical conditions that you may have. The result of be a bleeding gums is that you can have bad breath, you can end up losing your teeth, and then your gums can also be irritated, inflamed. So this is a miserable condition and we want you to get better. So the solution for that is something. The first thing is something you can do it, you’re on your own, which is to brush and floss two times a day. If your gums do not respond after you’re consistently brushing and flossing, we may need to do something called gum therapy where we remove the bacteria that’s in your mouth and get you on a regimen that helps your gums stay healthy. And the goal for your gums is to have them healthy, pink, not bleeding, so that you can smile, speak, and eat. Thank you very much.