A woman having oral cancer screening at Goochland Dentistry

The team at Goochland Dentistry wants you to be our patient for a long time. To that end, we will do all we can to assist you in maintaining your best health. Oral cancer screening is a simple way we can protect you from this disease.

Oral cancer is a crucial part of your dental check-up and it’s especially vital because oral cancer is something that isn’t easy to find and symptoms can be mistaken for common ailments, such as an earache or headache. Other times, symptoms do not become apparent until they have already spread into healthy tissues or organs. However, prevention is easy when patients consistently visit us for their regular dental check-ups.

During your examination, Dr. Murchie will check the inside of your mouth to include your gum line, cheeks, roof of your mouth, and tongue. He will also carefully inspect your throat and tonsils, as well as your visible features, like your head and throat.

Symptoms of oral cancer can be evident in the form of swelling, bumps, or lesions.

Discoloration can also be a sign of cancerous cells, with red or white patches, although light helps to identify these areas. Pain during the exam can also be an indicator of developing malignant conditions.

Mouth sores are especially concerning and require a closer look. If there is evidence of sores, Dr. Murchie will take a biopsy of sample cells so that we can conduct a more in-depth analysis and testing at the laboratory. Our patient support team will reach out to schedule a follow-up appointment once your results are ready to discuss.

Studies have shown that certain patients are at an increased risk of oral cancer. The following behaviors may increase the potential for oral cancer:

  • Tobacco and alcohol use
  • Extensive exposure to the sun, often a cause of lip cancer
  • History of cancer, especially oral cancer

Our team can help recommend changes to your daily routine, with individualized support throughout your entire experience.

Early detection makes all the difference.

If you have not had a screening within the last 6-12 months, call our office and schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening today.