What Tools & Technology Should Be in My Dentist’s Office?

Tools and technology make up the must-haves in any modern dental office. Here at Goochland Dentistry, we are well-equipped with the essentials…and then some. woman in dental chair getting dental exam

Using these tools and technology requires extensive training and plenty of practice on our part. Our team is top-notch at using this gear, and when new tech emerges, we are always excited to learn how it can benefit our patients.

Here is some useful info as to which tools and technology we use at our practice and what you should know about how they are utilized. Of course, when we use these instruments during your appointment, we will explain what they are for and why we are using them. If you have questions or concerns during the exam, never hesitate to address them with your dentist or hygienist. 

Can You Explain Some Of The More Intricate Tools And Tech?

By now, most folks know all about the instruments we use during a standard cleaning and checkup, like the special tooth polishing brush, the mouth mirror, and the sickle probe (that long tool with a sharp edge). You have seen the scaler (to scrape away tartar) and the drill, used for cavity treatment, for example. And who hasn’t had that suction device slurp up their saliva? 

There is so much more that goes into an office visit, and depending upon why you are here to see us at Goochland Dentistry, we will use the necessary in-office tools and technology to make your dental checkup as valuable as it can be. 

These top-of-the-line tools and technology allow us to give you the most thorough dental examination possible, leaving little room for error and plenty of opportunities to address any oral health issue you are having ASAP. Advancements in the dental field are ever-changing, and we’re on the ball as breakthroughs emerge.

The iTero® Scanner is revolutionary. This piece of digital equipment allows the dentist to view all the details of your mouth, and can create a lifelike 3-D image using a hand wand to get into every nook and cranny of your mouth, pain-free. You can watch along as we put the images up on the computer screen right there in the exam room. Using these 3-D images, we can send your details to a lab if you require a crown or veneers, or another restorative dental piece. We used to have to take a mold of your mouth (which is kinda messy), but this digital scanning method is much more comfortable for the patient, and super precise in the process. 

Digital X-rays are made possible by the tech we have in the office. With less radiation exposure than the traditional type of X-rays, we feel far better about going digital. Plus, the convenience of seeing the images on-screen in real-time is beneficial. We can view and store them on our office computers, keep them handy on file, and use them for comparison and referral when required. 

We also have a Panorex digital X-ray machine for even more accuracy for specific circumstances, perhaps when seeking out oral cysts and tumors, impacted teeth, and other concerning conditions.

The Digital Design Smile App is useful for cosmetic dental procedures. We show the patient simulations of how their smile will look post-procedure, so there are no “What ifs?” or guessing games. This preview is impressive and gives peace of mind before making any dental work decisions. There really is an app for everything! 

What If The Dentist I See Does Not Have All These Tools And Technology Addressed Above?

Every dental office is different, and what they have on hand will vary. When you visit Goochland Dentistry, you can be sure that we are using some of the best dental tools and tech available to dentists. Along with our team’s extensive knowledge and tender touch, the aid of this equipment makes the dental appointment extra-thorough. 

Our dental office is pristine, and the tools and equipment are regularly checked and monitored for safety and efficiency. Our patients’ care is our ultimate concern

How Can I Book My Next Appointment With Goochland Dentistry?

Glad you asked! Contact our office and we will set you up with a dental consultation or appointment. You can give us a call at 804-206-9451 or email us at info@goochlanddentistry.com. We look forward to seeing you at Goochland Dentistry soon, and we will be sure to make use of the amazing and innovative tools and technology we are pleased to have available for our patients. You will see firsthand what a difference they make as we examine and treat you.