Why Do I Need a Dental Exam Every Six Months?

Doing something – anything – just twice per year is really no big deal. Then why do so many people put off seeing the dentist every six months? It seems so simple, yet ask around and you will be sure to find that some of your friends and family members have not seen their dentist in ages. What gives?dental instruments on a tray

It is so important to visit the dentist every six months. Even if you think everything is going just fine in terms of your oral health, it does not mean you should miss an appointment. These twice-yearly dental exams are proactive, preventing you from trouble down the road. They can also uncover issues emerging that you may not even be aware are brewing.

Here are some smart reasons to get a dental exam every six months. Two visits per year are what we recommend to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Remember, your oral health has a direct link to your overall health, so don’t take it lightly.

What Happens During My Dental Exam?

When you come in for your dental exam, it is all about hygiene and prevention. With our team’s expertise and the latest tools and technology, we conduct a thorough exam of your entire mouth, leaving you with a dazzling smile and peace of mind that everything has been looked over.

The cleaning process is deep and detailed – we go further than brushing and flossing at home – although you must keep up with self-care daily. We remove that nasty plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth and along the gum line. We will polish your “pearly whites” ‘till they shine. We also aim to strengthen teeth with a fluoride treatment. All of this is painless. We aim to keep our patients comfortable during exams.

Along with the dental cleaning, we check the teeth for cavities, cracks, and the like by taking X-rays. We use digital X-rays for precision and comfort. The naked eye can only see so much, so we rely on these X-rays to see areas of the mouth we may have missed, and address any issues accordingly, and ASAP.

It’s not all about the teeth at the dentist. The gums are checked as well, as we want to be sure you do not have irritation, inflammation, infection, or worse. By conducting a periodontal exam, we can assess your gum pockets for gingivitis, which left untreated can lead to tooth loss. Again, the process is pain-free.

Is Oral Cancer A Concern?

Part of our comprehensive oral examination is an oral cancer check. We seek out anything that looks concerning, such as precancerous cells or lesions inside the mouth. The oral cancer exam is simple and safe, and if you have a history of oral cancer in your family or you are at higher risk due to specific lifestyle choices (like tobacco use), this exam is even more important. 

We will check your head and neck too, looking for abnormalities in the skin, eyes, bones, lymph nodes, and tissues. A visual and hands-on exam is all that is required, and if we find something suspicious, we will recommend a course of action moving forward and work with you every step of the way.

Why Every Six Months?

We recommend you come in every six months for your cleanings and checkups. This time frame makes sense in terms of your hygiene as well as dental/oral issues that may arise throughout the year. 

You may not be experiencing any concerning issues that would prompt you to come in to see us on your own. But you may not know that a cavity is forming or you have tartar buildup that is worsening, for example. When we see you in the office periodically, we can nip any problems in the bud before they become bothersome or a burden. If you leave an issue lingering for too long, complications are sure to arise. The earlier we address a situation, the better the outcome. Not to mention, your super clean teeth and stunning smile are reason enough to come in for your checkups twice yearly!

Can I Book My Next Appointment With Goochland Dentistry Now?

Absolutely! If you are not already booked in our system and set up for your six-month checkup appointment, there’s no time like NOW to do so. Give Goochland Dentistry a call at 804-206-9452 or email us at info@goochlanddentistry.com. We’ll set you up to come in at your convenience. 

In the meantime, please take care of your own oral health by brushing and flossing twice daily, eating healthful foods, keeping well-hydrated, etc. Your behaviors are so beneficial. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and we will assist you prior to your upcoming appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon and perfecting your smile! 

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