What Is Digital Smile Design?

digital smile designHave you ever wondered what your smile might look like with a few “more-fabulous-you” fixes? When you are not entirely pleased with what you see in the mirror or in photos, it can make you feel insecure or less confident than you ought to be. Something as simple as a smile holds a lot of weight. It is the first thing people see when they approach us, and when we are not portraying our most positive self, it’s noticeable. You deserve more from your mouth, don’t you?

Why Worry?

Some people want to redo their smile in some capacity but then worry about the results. What if the process does not go as planned or as hoped for, and the “final product” is not as awesome as they had imagined? Going through all that dental work will have been a waste, if not a let-down, and then they are sadly stuck with another version of their smile that just won’t suffice.

Technology Is The Ticket

With today’s amazing technological advancements in dentistry, there are no more “what ifs?” when it comes to redesigning a smile. Digital Smile Design is the answer, and the process is near-perfect. And we have it available for you at Goochland Dentistry! 

Thanks to a preliminary web-based approach, patients can find out what the “conclusion” will be before having any actual physical work done at all. Thanks to a multi-step, yet seamless process, high-tech software plans out the details. It seems too good to be true, but the technology is truly terrific. The accuracy is impeccable, and patients are excited about it.

Planning Ahead

A patient will discuss their dental cosmetic goals with their dentist to create a doable plan that they’ll together narrow down and agree upon. All parts of the teeth and mouth are precisely measured, and even the patient’s facial expressions and personality are taken into consideration during this consultation. An all-encompassing approach makes the outcome far better, and no stone is left unturned. This is what makes the digital approach to dentistry so sought-after.

Via videography and digital technology, options for a more stunning smile are carefully configured, allowing the patient to have an idea of how they will look when the smile design is ready to be put into action. The outcome will be beautiful, but the element of surprise is revealed well beforehand. No shocks, only better-looking smiles!

digital smile designBefore And After

Many common dental cosmetic procedures can be planned out using Digital Smile Design. Some popular ones include veneers, gum line corrections, teeth whitening, and dental crowns. Imagine seeing your smile vastly improve right there on the computer screen — from spacing issues solved to dingy or discolored teeth turned dazzling. It is impressive, to say the least, and you will love the entire beginning-to-end journey. Patients have been more than pleased, and you’ll be sure to become one of them.

We Care About Our Patients

Here at Goochland Dentistry, our entire team is here to care for your dental needs. Your oral health and overall well-being are our number one concern, and when it comes to how you look, we want you to radiate confidence. Using Digital Smile Design allows for open communication and a “sneak peek” into what your smile will look like when you leave the office after treatment. We do all we can to ensure a positive outcome, and with this state-of-the-art advanced dental technology, we are easily able to zero in on what you are looking for, and we will work as a team to get you the smile you are after. Teamwork plus technology is the best relationship, and the end results prove it. 

Get Started And Achieve Your Sought-After Smile

Are you interested in Digital Smile Design for your next cosmetic dental procedure? It makes sense to see what you’re in for, and the nuances available via this high-tech solution ensure that each patient’s smile is handled specifically. 

The next time you are in for a consultation or a dental checkup, talk to your dentist about Digital Smile Design. We love to share the system with our patients, and it is exciting to see what comes to light on screen. The best part is knowing that we’ll be able to transform your smile to match what you have already reviewed. It is rewarding for everyone, and you’ll be smiling even before we get to work.

If you’d like to set up an appointment with one of our dentists, please give us a call at (804) 206-9455. You can also email our office at info@goochlanddentistry.com. Better yet, do it all online by filling out our “Request an Appointment” form you can find here on our website. Someone will get back with you ASAP once you submit the form.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Goochland Dentistry and introducing you to Digital Smile Design.